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Fic in a Bottle :: Lost Fanfiction
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to ficinabottle, a community dedicated to fanfiction from the ABC drama Lost. This community welcomes fanfiction only, both character-based and actor-based. Het, gen, slash, crossovers and AUs are all welcome.

This community contains some material that is NC-17 in nature and not suitable for children under the age of 18. Please heed ratings and warnings.

Other simple guidelines:

1. You may only post Lost fanfiction, relevant crossovers or AUs, or links to stories hosted elsewhere. For news, images, and discussion of the show, join our sister-community, castaways.
2. You are welcome to post links to your Lost archive, group, list or community, as long as it is fanfic related. Absolutely no requests for RPGs.
3. You MUST use lj-cuts for the body of your story. Also, if your header/author's notes become so long (over 150 words) that they starts to resemble a ficlet, please be courteous and cut some of that as well. Learn how to use the lj-cut here.
4. Include a header with at least a title, a rating, pairing(s) [if any], and appropriate warnings. Please also include whether or not your story contains spoilers for a recent episode.
5. Please take the time to at least spell-check your stories before posting them. We recommend you run your fic by a beta-reader if you can as well, but please don't post here looking for a beta.
6. If you have a graphic or a banner for your story, please use an lj-cut, no matter what size it is.
7. Do not flame. Heed all ratings and warnings. This means you.

Got questions, comments, or suggestions? Need to report something? Don't hesitate to email me.

Questions about posting fic for the first time? Here's a multifandom guide.

Affiliates: lostfichallenge, lostficfinders, 815_fm, lostsquee, lost_newsletter, lost_fic_awards.